Our story

The beginning - 2018

It was the summer of 2018 and Billy and Richard were sitting outside a bar. "Let's do shots", said Richard, and they ordered shots of tequila.

After drinking them, they looked at each other with a grimace and said simultaneously: "Surely we can do better than this? So far there's only been a Mexican tequila - let's make a Dutch one!" No sooner said than done. After plenty of mixing, tasting and experimenting with various Dutch spirits, the Dutch Genquila was born.

This delicious Genquila is baed on Dutch jenever, from which gin originates. Dutch Genquila is soft on the tongue, and has the unmistakable taste of tequila agave.

It's delicious as a shot, and it's great with a mixer such as cola, but connoisseurs will also love it straight on the rocks.